Childhood Immunisations

The World Health Organisation (WHO) says “the two public health interventions that have had the greatest impact on the world’s health are clean water and vaccines”.

It is important that we continue to reduce the risk of all preventable diseases.

We understand that parents may be concerned about bringing children for immunisations at this difficult time. Please be assured that all measures are taken to ensure that you and your child can attend the surgery as safely as possible.

  • We are calling parents and guardians when we can to ensure that concerns about attendance are unanswered.
  • Dedicated immunisation clinics are still going ahead with appointments spaced out to allow fewer people into the surgery at one time.
  • Babies due their first scheduled immunisations are being asked to be brought for their postnatal baby check at the same time, therefore reducing the required number of visits to the surgery. Babies will also be weighed at this appointment so that their growth can continue to be monitored while routine health visitor checks may be reduced.

Please make sure that you book your child’s immunisation when you get the invite and help us to keep you safe by not bringing additional family members to the appointment.